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FJ40 4-Link REAR Conversion Kit
Our rear conversion kit offers maximum suspension travel and dampening for extreme off-road driving.  In addition to our kits, we can also provide coil-over shocks or coil springs to complete the kit.  We believe the idea off and on-road combination is our SOA kit in the front combined with our 4-Link Coil Spring System in the rear.

The bracket kit comes with all of the necessary brackets for the frame and axle, limiting strap ends, an axle truss, and full instructions. The price for this kit is $575.  The same kit with heim joints, bushing rod-ends, threaded inserts is $775.  You can add lower coil over shock mounts for $25, or our complete spring bucket system for coil springs for $175. Prices shown are for Land Cruiser axles. Kits for GM and Corporate axles are available but prices may vary.
We can also build you a complete 4-link kit including everything you need to perform the installation with minimal welding. These kits are custom in nature and prices vary.  Installation is available on all our kits for an additional charge.

FJ40 4-Link FRONT Conversion Kit
Our 4-Link conversion kit for the front of your FJ40 is designed for strict off-road use only.  It is ideal for trailered rigs and/or rigs that see minimal on-road use as this suspension is too soft for safe daily driving.
The bracket kit comes with all of the necessary brackets for the frame and axle, limiting strap ends, an axle truss, and full instructions. The price for this kit is $575.  The same kit with heim joints, bushing rod-ends, threaded inserts is $775. The kit is designed for use with coil-over shocks only (not included).

FJ40 3-Link FRONT Conversion Kit
Our NEW 3-link front suspension kit is now available. The kit includes everything you need to perform a front 3 link suspension conversion except limiting straps and coil-over shocks. Call for more information or check back for updates to the site regarding this new kit.

Please see the frequently asked questions about this kit below the photos!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) How is my vehicle going to drive on the road with your rear 4-link kit installed?
An FJ40 with our 4-link kit in the rear and our spring over kit in the front will perform on the road very well including at highway speed.  *As with any lifted vehicle, it will drive differently than stock vehicles and you will have to be more prepared to negotiate tight corners and emergency situations.*

2) How is my vehicle going to drive on the road with both your front and rear 4-link kit installed?
We do not recommend installing our front 4-link kit for any vehicle that will be driven on the street.  While our kit is safe and does ride well, the suspension is too soft to safely be able to handle evasive manuvers and therefore we recommend the front 4-Link for trailered and/or off-road only rigs.  If you are interested in a 4-Link kit and plan to do any street driving, we recommend a spring over axle kit in the front, with our 4-Link kit in the rear only.

3) What is better, coil springs or coil-over shocks?
In our opinion, coil springs are more practical for rear suspensions than coil-over shocks, but coil-over shocks are almost necessary up front because of clearance issues.  For the rear, coil springs with traditional shocks are cheaper and offer the same travel and stability.

4) Can you install your 4-link kit for me?
We can perform a 4-link conversion on your Land Cruiser with parts and labor included for approx $1700 per axle, plus the cost of shocks.  There is often a wait to have work done so please call us early to schedule your installation.

5) Answers to Some Questions on Pricing, Setup, Etc:   (Last Updated Jan, 2006)


Proffitt Cruisers,

Im writing this email in regards to your FJ40 4-Link Conversion Kit that you 
guys have. I have a fairly stock 1977 fj 40 and i want to substantily upgrade 
it to be more capable on the trail. As the suspention is a key part to this, 
im trying to research the diffrent options that i can go about. Im wondering 
how much lift this kit will give me, what size tires would you recommend with 
this kit, and if theres is any other modifications (trimming body,drivetrain,
brakelines?, ect...) thats recommended if this were put it on the front and 
rear of my FJ. Im not trying to build a full out rock crawler but i just want 
to have a capable vehicle on the trail that will be reliable. 

Would you recomend the 4link conversion kit for this type of application? If 
you could get back to me via email that would be greatly appreciated. 



Thanks for the interest in our suspension kits. 

Our 4 link kit for the rear of your cruiser is a perfect combination with our SOA kit in the front.  The suspension will provide for about 5" of lift (or more as you desire), and will allow for 35" tires with no body trimming, up to 39.5" tires with trimming.  The 4-link/SOA combo provides the best combination of off road performance with street driveability.  We do build a 4 link for the front of your Cruiser, but it is designed for extreme off road use only and the Cruiser will not drive very well on the road with it.

Thanks and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to call Toll Free 1 877 PROFFITT


I have a 77 fj40 and I am looking for a suspension system. I like your 4 link and just had some questions
about it. How much lift do you get from it? Do you have a complete kit for both axles, including springs and shocks? How much if you do? And what size tires can you run with it? I live in Reno NV; if you want to
give me a shipping qoute? Thank you. -Matt.

The lift is variable from about 5 to 8 inches. We offer a front kit as well, but the highway driveability suffers from a front 4 link. If you want to use it a lot on the road, the best set-up is the SOA front and the 4 link rear. You can run 39.5s with the kit and some trimming.

The complete kits with shocks are $1350 per axle. And shipping to Reno would be about $60 per kit.



I'am interested in the 4 link coil kit that you have advertised on your website.  I have a 1972 Fj-40 with an older rancho 2.5" kit on it now.  I would like to replace it with the coil kit.  Could you please describe the kit, whats is and not included, difficulty level, and cost. 

 Thank You from Northern California.
 M. DeForest

The most popular form of the kit comes with everything you need to perform the conversion minus the DOM tubing, coil springs, and shocks. Included in the kit are all the brackets for the frame and axle, an axle truss, coil spring mounting hardware.  Heim joints, bushing ends, and inserts, limiting strap kits, and full instructions. It sells for $800. The instructions are very clear. You need to have moderate fabrication skills and excellent welding skills to install the kit. We recommend our SOA kit in conjunction with the coil kit. That combination offers excellent on and off road driving characteristics.

Thanks, and good luck with your build up.



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